Nutrition Blueprint #1 - What's Your Goal?

This series of blogs, articles, e-books and podcasts brought to you by Matt & George will strive to provide you with nutritional nuggets and tempt you to employ self reflection and honesty with your own approach to food and body composition.


A good friend of mine and a wonderful nutritionist, Ben Coomber, highlighted an important point in one of his recent podcasts (Ben Coomber Radio) - "are you really doing enough to attain what you are working towards?" It seems simple but the majority of people we work with present barriers, make excuses and almost have this defeatist mentality when I mention ‘have you ever tried tracking your intake?.’ It's our natural response.

Do you have a body composition goal in mind, or do you have an upcoming race that you want to nail?  Are you in season and looking for that edge in terms of recovery between races or are you training for an event for the first time and you are keen to learn how to bullet proof yourself against injury?

As busy Londoners, there are so many other stimuli that grasp our attention, leave us flapping daily and deny us the time to focus on defining a goal for ourselves. However, if you CAN cement in some kind of goal, for example it could be performance orientated such as a race or a physical challenge with a group of friends, or body composition related say preparing for the beach, a party packed full of people you have not seen in a while, a wedding or your birthday etc, then your mentality will automatically shift.

With that focus, you will become more receptive to learning about how to optimise your nutrition and as a result your recovery, sleep and body composition to ultimately help you achieve your goal.

In the end there is so much information out there, you just need to start building a blueprint that works for you.

Task number one assign yourself a goal and start creating habits that will directly aid your ability to reach this goal, trust us it can be done around your current lifestyle, work, social life and kids, you just need that accountability first.

We can begin to help you with the rest.