3 Simple Daily Exercises for the Desk Bound Runner

We spoke to many of you at the FATRUN Run & Brunch on Sunday about how to fit becoming a better runner into a busy working life. For most of us, the odds are stacked against us - we work long hours at a desk where eating optimally is difficult, and often end up missing workouts or runs because we simply don't have the mental or physical energy left to give.

We've got a number of workarounds and solutions that we'll share with you over the coming weeks, but today we wanted to focus on a topic that was specifically mentioned on Sunday - how can I negate the negative impact of sitting down at a desk all day on my running performance?

To keep things simple and actionable, we've put together our top 3 exercises in a video below.

How can I use these exercises in my daily routine?

Our recommendation is to spend 5 minutes when you wake up, 5 minutes before you go to bed, and 5 minutes before you go on a run doing these exercises in the following programme:

Couch Stretch (lunge) - 30 seconds hold on each side, 3/4 times each side
Supermans (variation - hands and knees) - 10 each side, rest 30 seconds, repeat once more
Wall Stretch - 10, rest 30 seconds, repeat once more

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