The Perfect Morning Smoothie in 7 Steps

Stripping things back, a smoothie is a useful tool for someone who is looking to squeeze in nutrition on the go during a busy day working and training.

They can be implemented at breakfast in order to set up the day or at the very least provide you with nourishing nutrients in case the day gets away from you and you end up grabbing non optimal options later on.

Liquid nutrition options like this are portable, cheaper if you carry them rather than buy the overpriced options in the hipster coffee shops and crucially satiating and lower in energy but high in nutrients if you choose the constituents wisely. This can be key if you are looking to operate a little lighter calorie with on rest days in order to manipulate body composition but bolster the immune system.

Choosing the right blender

There are many option blender wise  to name a few:

  1. Nutri bullet

  2. Vitamix

  3. Kenwood blender

Do not over think the model purchase something in your price range and preferably with portable detachments that you can take on the go. Something powerful enough to blend fibrous vegetables and ice.

A simple solution to filling the smoothie - 7 main types of ingredients

  1. Liquids - water, milk - cows, almond, rice, oat, coconut etc

  2. Greens - kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, romaine lettuce

  3. Ice and lemon - slows the oxidation of the fruits and veggies meaning more nutrition locked in for longer if you have the smoothie in the fridge at work or on your desk

  4. Frozen fruit - often cheaper and easy to store

  5. Binder - bananas, avocado, oats, nut butters

  6. Extras - cocoa powder, flax seeds, flaked almonds, chia seeds,

  7. Protein Powder - whey, pea, hemp, rice

Playing around with the options within the 7 pillars will allow a varied intake nutrients wise as well as different textures tastes and colours.

Ultimately a smoothie is not just for an instagram post it is used as a tool to add nutrition into your day and often allows you to consume certain foods you may not have done whole on your plate .

Matt @ FATRUN London