PLACE | Frequency Coffee Ltd, Kings X London




A 5 minute walk from Kings Cross station in London you'll find our next COFFEE RUN venue, Frequency Coffee.

Originally from Venezuela, founder Justo opened the place up 18 months ago and has quickly built a reputation for some of the best coffee in the area. You can tell why; the place fits perfectly between polished and 'characterful' - blending various industrial-style shelving units that Justo explained he had built himself with Workshop coffee and the best in class combo of a La Marzocco Linea Classic 2 Group machine x Mythos One grinder.



A hot topic of late has been coffee cups, and that hasn't escaped Justo. Coming soon, he has plans to add a retail area for customers to buy reusable cups (hopefully customised with his logo - which a bit of a research tells me relates to Justo's background in music), but for now, if you own one already, you can head in and receive 25p off your coffee.


If you have time to sit in and people watch - worth mentioning the option of a pastel de nata at this point - we'd highly recommend it. The service, music and ambiance are on point with regular customers popping in and out for a chat while Justo gets to work behind the coffee machine. 


See you down here for our next Coffee Run @ 7.15am...if you can't make it, hopefully you find the time to visit this gem of a coffee shop.

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