EVENT | Mile 27 x Maggie Dempsey & Jana Studzinska


Thursday 23.02. London.

Since hosting our first talk in London we've heard running stories from people from different backgrounds & personalities...but a theme has emerged. At some point, they all had to take the plunge and commit to what they wanted to achieve - to commit full time to training, to start the business that would solve a problem they were passionate about, or to pack a bag, get on a plane and explore a new place. We've all been there - standing on the edge, deciding whether to take that plunge but ultimately finding a reason not to - and so its been inspiring to hear from people who have made that leap and come out the other end with some amazing stories to tell.



Jana & Maggie are two people who have certainly taken that plunge. Both call London home, but both have decided that they belong in the mountains; both have completed various trail running races & both have supported other people to do the same through communities that they built from scratch - Maggie started 'Wild Trail Runners' and Jana 'Cool Cats’. When Maggie needed support running the CCC (Courmayeur, Champex, Chamonix), a 100km trail race through the Alps, Jana was first to put her hand up. Since then they've formed a close friendship that has seen them travel back to the Alps and more recently to Mallorca in search of new experiences and new trails.



When most people think of a holiday to Mallorca, they think of beaches, sun, maybe some hiking but generally a relaxed experience; they certainly don't think of deliberately getting lost in the mountains and running 45+km per day on difficult terrain. Listening to Maggie & Jana's account of their trip on the Thursday, it was refreshing to hear such an honest account - for anyone who has done these trips, sure there are opportunities for unbelievable photos, but the reality is of tough situations & funny and/or embarrassing moments. Intertwined with videos of stunning scenery we saw videos of Maggie eating - lots of videos of Maggie eating...we heard about phone batteries dying and of sitting in petrol stations drinking coca cola. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the evening was that those moments are the ones you draw the most satisfaction from and can joke about afterwards; that these trips are as much about the struggles & the laughs than about the perfect landscapes.



If you're looking to take on a trip of your own, perhaps the best advice is to just go - accept that not everything will go to plan, but that that is why you will enjoy it. For more detailed advice, Maggie & Jana are all ears - Jana moves to Chamonix full time later this year & Maggie continues to build her community and challenge herself in trail races - so there is a wealth of experience there to draw upon.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next London event on March 15th with Laura Kennington.

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